Zuvi halo review: We tried the ‘Tesla of hair dryers’ to see if it lives up to the hype

There’s been a growing focus on investment hair tools delivering professional results, ever since Dyson put cutting-edge hair drying technology on the shopping map. As efficient hair dryers can mean swapping salon trips for at-home styling, we were keen to hear about the newest high-tech hair dryer on the block, the Zuvi halo.

Despite having only launched in April, it’s already being billed as the “Tesla of hair dryers”, but what exactly does that mean and what is different about this sleek-looking styler?

Zuvi halo has been created using a patented “LightCare” technology which is said to mimic the sun’s natural rays. In short, warmth is created from light to dry the hair, rather than heating up the air. Because the rays target the hair’s outer layer, 60 per cent less energy is needed, compared to blasting your whole do. The hair’s surface should then dry quickly at a high speed, without damaging the inner structure.

At this point, we’re envisaging the benefits of air drying our hair, with added styling help. Plus, while classic hair dryers can reach temperatures over 60C, the halo doesn’t ever exceed 43C.

The brand says that key benefits of this hair drying technology include a reduction in frizz, shinier locks, hair moisture being retained, dye holding for longer on hair strands, and an improvement in hair strength. We wanted to find out if these bold claims stand up to testing and whether the halo is worth splashing out a whopping £329 for.

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How we tested

We used the Zuvi halo for over a week’s worth of drying and styling. Our tester has fine hair prone to flyaway frizz and dryness, so we were keen to see if hair hydration really would be improved. We trialled the dryer on family members with short hair and a curl too, for thorough testing. Finally, we kept our hair product routine the same, to ensure fair comparison and consistency. Could this hair dryer be the answer to our hair-care prayers? Here’s our verdict…

Zuvi halo hairdryer: £329, Zuvi.uk

Rating: 9/10

Type: Light energy technology
Attachments: Three (gentle air attachment, diffuser, and styling concentrator)
Motor: 680W
Weight: 534g, including cord

The Zuvi halo arrives in a sturdy box with compartments holding the hair dryer and three separate attachments. At first sight, we were impressed by the chic silver and white hair dryer and noticed the main nozzle’s mirror detailing. As we later discovered, this is where the glowing light beams out of during use.

You can buy a protective pouch for an extra £35, that seems a bit cheeky given the premium price so we would have preferred this to be an included extra. Saying that, the box is robust enough for ongoing storage so we weren’t too upset. And it’s worth knowing that the hair dryer comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

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There are four modes to choose from: care, fast, soft and style. Usefully, the diffuser, styling concentrator and gentle air attachments all have a sticker stating which mode to use them with. Each attachment clips onto the hair dryer magnetically, so there’s no faffing about fixing pieces in place.

When switching the Zuvi halo on, we immediately noticed our hair wasn’t being blown about in every direction, but instead the air remained concentrated on whichever area we were focusing on. This ultimately reduced the appearance of our usual flyaway frizz, an effect that is the culmination of the hair cuticle being fluffed up.

There was visible volume too. We saw the smoothest results from the styling concentrator, but even when we were just rough drying our hair without an attachment, any frizz was significantly lessened.

That contributed to an overall look of softer, shinier hair once drying was complete. As a result, our hair did look and feel less parched too. We’ve never seen this kind of shine to our hair, without going over strands with a straightening wand afterwards. Our tester’s hair retained that smoothness even after a blustery dog walk too – high praise indeed!

The iridescent light shining out of the halo creates a shimmery effect which reminded us of a disco or mirror ball and that finish adds a fun aesthetic. Speaking of key details, the textured handle meant we could keep the tool in hold while drying locks, without it slipping about at all. The appliance is also comfortably lightweight and didn’t make our arm ache (like some hair dryers do). Because of this ergonomic design, we were able to use the hair dryer and a hairbrush in tandem with ease.

The noise generated is a light high-pitched whirring rather than a loud buzzing. In fact, our tester checked the hair dryer was on full power at first, as it sounded so quiet. However, there is only one power setting, which streamlines use even more. A cool air button sits underneath the mode settings, if you do favour a cold blast.

Our tester used the gentle air attachment on her daughter’s hair, because it spreads air to create a softer effect for sensitive scalps (or kids, in this case). As the segmented attachment divides the air, heat isn’t concentrated in one area and the warmth feels an even milder temperature on the scalp.

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When it came to using the diffuser attachment, we noticed lots of clear prongs and tiny air holes to define curls. We were able to create waviness and volume, with curls tightened, but once again, the root and crown were smoothed.

The overall drying process is remarkably speedy and meant achieving a decent-looking blow dry was easy. Another big plus is that the air around us didn’t get warm, so we weren’t hot and bothered after drying our hair either.

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The verdict: Zuvi halo hair dryer

We were suitably impressed by the smoothing effect easily created by this fast-working gadget. There’s no doubt that the Zuvi halo hair dryer has an expensive aesthetic – especially given its ergonomic design and stylish details – but we did see healthier-looking locks with use and can testify that our tresses felt softer and appeared shinier.

There was a dramatic reduction in frizz, and we found the hair drying process more fun in general. All in all, it’s an undoubtedly expensive buy, but, if you’re looking to splurge on a new hair dryer, it definitely delivers tangible hair care results.

Zuvi halo hairdryer

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