World Famous Restaurant Eleven Madison Park Shuns Meat, To Offer Entirely Plant-Based Menu

One of the world’s most celebrated restaurants Eleven Madison Park has decided to shun meat. The New York city-based restaurant has announced that it will now have only a plant-based menu and will operate as an almost fully vegan restaurant. With this, it has become one of the highest-profile names in hospitality to do so. Daniel Humm, owner and chef of the restaurant, said that the USD 335 tasting menu of Eleven Madison Park will now be entirely based on vegetables, fruits, fungi, legumes, and much more. The restaurant is scheduled to reopen in June. Humm said that they will continue to offer honey and milk for coffee and tea, but otherwise, Eleven Madison Park will also become fully vegan.

“I am deeply inspired to focus on dishes that center impeccably prepared vegetables. We are, in a way, accepting the challenge of having a more plant-based diet. This will also let us push us to know our ingredients more deeply and use them more creatively,” Humm said. The announcement comes as more and more people are shifting towards plant-based products because of the impact of animal-product diets on health as well as on the environment. Several big names of the hospitality sectors have been taking similar steps of late. Recently, popular cooking website Epicurious announced that it will no longer post recipes with beef. Some of the major fast-food giants like Dunkin and Burger King have started offering meat alternatives.

Humm said that the decision is stemmed from the impact of seafood and meat on the environment. “The environment concerns have been laid bare after the coronavirus pandemic. It is becoming more and clearer that the current food system is not sustainable. After what we experienced this past year, one this crystal clear that we couldn’t function as earlier,” Humm added. The restaurant has been shut because of the pandemic but the team of Eleven Madison Park is busy developing a vegan-friendly menu.

John Colin

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