Woman shares ‘rules’ for being stay-at-home girlfriend

A woman has shared her rules for being a “stay-at-home girlfriend”, including always having her bills paid by her other half.

Leaha Ureel, 22, reveals she broke up with her husband, Alan Ureel, 23, after she “realised she wanted to be a housewife and be provided for”.

It was only when Alan “stepped up to the plate” that the pair rekindled their relationship and got married.

Leaha said that her rules of being a stay-at-home girlfriend, and now wife, include expecting her chair to be pulled out for her when they go on dates, and for her wine to be poured for her.

The Michigan, US woman said: “I love being a housewife and I want others to know that it is OK to aspire to have this lifestyle.

Leaha Ureel, 22, with husband, Alan Ureel, 23

“It’s like being a stay-at-home mum – just without the kids.”

Further rules Leaha shared include not dating anyone who doesn’t tip the wait staff, or anyone who underdresses.

“I think it’s bad if they reschedule at the last minute or comment on prices,” she added.

She added that she didn’t want to “spend her life working” and that she wanted to have time for herself and for “someone to provide for me”.

“Alan wasn’t able to provide for me at that point so we broke up,” she said. “But a couple of months later we got back together, and he promised to provide for me.”

Leaha explains that she spends her days cooking and going for walks with the dogs.

“We get to travel and Alan is flexible with his work so we can go for coffee during the day,” she said.

“I like him to take initiative and book a restaurant for a meal or choose what we are doing.”

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