Woman married at 18 reveals how bridesmaids warned her she was making a mistake in wedding photos

A woman who got married at 18 has amusingly pointed out the wedding day red flags that should have warned her she was making a mistake.

Karri Shipman, who goes by the username @karrishipman94 on TikTok, recently shared a video to the app, in which she acknowledged that the faces her bridesmaids were making during the nuptials said all that she needed to know about her future husband.

“When you never should’ve gotten married and it was on everyone’s face but you did it anyway,” Shipman wrote in a caption on the video. “They were right…”

The TikToker then proceeded to share photos from her wedding, with the first showing her as a smiling 18-year-old bride.

In the comments, Shipman explained that the wedding took place in 2013, when she was a “poor, just graduated 18 year old”.

Shipman then showed a photo of her bridal party, with the TikTok zooming in on each of their facial expressions. In the photo, Shipman’s first bridesmaid looks slightly concerned by the proceedings, while her second bridesmaid looks both sad and resigned.

Her final bridesmaid, however, has the clearest expression of disapproval, with the woman seen making a face of disappointment as she looks on.

The video, which has been viewed more than 10.9m times, has prompted an outpouring of amused comments from viewers.

“Last girl looks like she is plotting his murder,” one person joked, while another viewer said: “The second girl is absolutely devastated and the third girl is plotting manslaughter.”

Someone else said: “Please, I need to know how much exactly the third girl hated the groom.”

However, others pointed out that, on the bright side, at least Shipman’s friends supported her enough to stand beside her on her wedding day.

“But at least your girls still were by your side, as unimpressed they were!” one viewer wrote, while someone else added: “Your girls showed up but let it be known they’re only on your side, not both.”

In a follow-up video, created at the request of numerous viewers, Shipman revealed that she and her husband, who she has since divorced, had dated on and off for years in high school before they got married, and that the reactions from her bridesmaids were justified.

The pair got married shortly after Shipman graduated high school and her husband joined the army. However, she revealed that she had tried numerous times to end the relationship, but that he had threatened her.

“And I just came to terms with that and just decided that that was my life,” she said, adding that her family and friends had warned her not to marry her ex but that she had always stood up for her then-partner.

In the video, Shipman then explained that her ex-husband was “just not a good person”. However, according to Shipman, the story does have a happy ending, as she and her ex-husband had two children during their six-year marriage and she has since found a “great man”.

In response to the video, many viewers applauded Shipman for ending the marriage, with one person writing: “I’m so proud of you for getting out of this and living your life the way you want now.”

“Good for you for getting out and modelling healthy relationships for your kids,” someone else wrote.

The Independent has contacted Shipman for comment.

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