We reviewed the Hypnos wool origins 6 mattress and it’s one of the best we’ve tried

If you want to float away to sleep, gently supported on a natural fibre mattress, the Hypnos wool origins 6 is one of the best you can lay your hands on.

Your sleep environment is so intrinsically linked to the quality of sleep you get. Studies have shown that when the room you sleep in is optimised for sleep, you sleep better – and that includes comfort. Sleep is so important for overall health, so it’s really vital to get the right mattress for you.

Hypnos is a British-run brand with plenty of sleep experts up its sleeve. It’s been making mattresses since Edwardian times, but the 2022 brand is a totally modern affair. Hypnos also has the royal warrant from the Queen herself. Ultimately, we are talking about a seriously heritage brand which knows its onions (or beds).

The wool origins 6 is Hypnos’s entry-point mattress. This means that it’s not quite as pricey as some of the brand’s other offerings, but you still get all the Hypnos expertise quite literally woven into your mattress.

But we wanted to delve deeper than just surface level, and find out more. Therefore, we tested the wool origins 6 kingsize mattress to find out what all the fuss is about.

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How we tested

In short, we slept on it every night for about four months. We are nothing if not thorough, guys. We also tested it against a lot of other mattresses in our round-up of best mattresses for 2022, so we know what we’re talking about. We were looking at comfort mainly. Was it supportive on our tired, aching bodies? Did it keep us the right temperature all night long? Were we woken up by our co-tester wiggling around all night long on it? And, at the end of the day, is it worth the money or are you just paying for the name?

Hypnos wool origins 6 mattress

Rating: 10/10

Sizes: Single, single extra length, extra-wide single, small double, double, king, continental king, super king, small emperor, zipped super king, emperor, zipped small emperor, zipped emperor

Type: Pocket sprung

Rotate or turn: Seasonal turn

Guarantee: 10 years

Sleep trial? No

Design and materials

Hypnos only uses natural fibres in its mattresses. This means they’re completely free of foams and fire-retardant chemicals. Once they come to the end of their life they’re fully recyclable, so they don’t need to go in landfill.

The Hypnos wool origins 6 mattress has wool filling. Shocker, we know. But the wool Hypnos uses in this mattress is fully traceable and the mattress is Red Tractor assured, meaning farms that produce the wool adhere to the highest standards in animal welfare and environmental protection. So you can rest easy there, knowing your wool has come from happy sheep.

Wool is naturally good at temperature regulation. It will keep you warm and toasty in winter, and stop you overheating in the warmer months. There are eight fleeces of wool in the origins mattress. That’s a lot of wool!

The mattress is pocket sprung, which provides the support in the mattress. Springs move individually to each other, which means they provide more targeted support. Pocket springs are the gold standard for mattresses. The “pocket” denotes that each spring is housed in its own pocket (cute!), which means you get more focused support still as they’re not all wired together in a cage. This helps with movement isolation – ie. if you share a bed with someone they won’t wake you up moving around.

When buying a pocket-sprung mattress, or any mattress in fact, what you’re looking for is edge-to-edge support. This means you’ll be provided with support right up to the edge, without it tapering off at the sides. Hypnos’s wool origins range has triple edge support. There’s high-tension springs along the edge of the mattress, and hand-stitched side stitching to prevent sagging.


We found the Hypnos wool origins 6 mattress very comfortable. We opted for medium tension, but you can also go for firm. Firm mattresses tend to be better for heavier bodyweights to give extra support without sinking, while medium and soft often suit lighter people. The support on the origins 6 was very comprehensive. We feel supported and it’s easy to turn over without feeling like we’re being sucked into the middle of the mattress. A big tick too for our aching joints – it didn’t create any pressure on our hips, shoulders or backs no matter which position we slept in.

We have been nothing but impressed by the origins 6 in the temperature regulation department. Those eight fleeces really work their magic. We are prone to overheating, and we’ve very rarely even had to stick a toe out from under the duvet when sleeping on this mattress. In the colder months we like to be warm too – we are contrary, we know. But during those chilly nights we have felt warm and snug – absolutely no complaints here (a real rarity).

On movement isolation we were also very impressed. Those pocket springs do the job, and we found we weren’t ever woken up by our co-tester shifting about in their sleep, or even when they got out of bed. This is a huge bonus for us on the mornings when our partner gets up early for a run (madness!) and they no longer wake us up doing so.

Mattresses have the average lifespan of about eight years, and ours has only been used for four months so far, so it might be too early to tell, but so far there’s been no sagging on the sides of the mattress. It still looks as good as new, and has weathered not just us sleeping on it but our kids using it as an indoor trampoline.

The verdict: Hypnos wool origins 6 mattress

We’ve tried numerous mattresses in recent months and Hypnos’s wool origins 6 is the best of the best. It’s supportive and comfortable, eco-friendly, temperature regulating and relatively wallet friendly too. What more could you ask for?

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