US primaries – live: Herschel Walker and Brian Kemp confident in Georgia as Mo Brooks makes Alabama comeback

Mo Brooks uses footage of himself in aftermath of mass shooting in campaign ad

Key primaries in several US states tomorrow will see high-profile Republican candidates facing off against each other and in some cases trying to triumph over rivals endorsed by Donald Trump.

In Georgia, incumbent Governor Brian Kemp looks set to cruise to victory over his main challenger, Trump endorsee and former senator David Perdue, whose campaign has failed to catch fire despite the ex-president’s loud interventions. Mike Pence will be campaigning for Mr Kemp today.

Georgia’s GOP senate primary, meanwhile, is almost certain to see the nomination of controversial ex-footballer Herschel Walker, a very popular grassroots figure whose sometimes erratic behaviour, business dealings and history of personal problems have left some Republicans worried he may not be able to defeat Democrat Raphael Warnock in November.

And in Alabama, Congressman Mo Brooks looks to be making a comeback in the Republican senate race despite having lost Mr Trump’s endorsement earlier this year. At the time he was sinking in the polls, and also called on his supporters to start “moving on” from the 2020 election, thus provoking Mr Trump’s disdain. However, he has continued to campaign with pictures of himself speaking outside the White House on 6 January 2021.


Is Mo Brooks bouncing back from Trump’s un-endorsement?

Alabama congressman and Senate candidate Mo Brooks was sinking in the GOP primary polls even before Donald Trump dropped him, a ch

oice the president chalked up to Mr Brooks’ call for supporters to “move on” from talking constantly about the 2020 election and focus on winning in the future. However, Mr Brooks has benefited from ample outside ad spending, as well as high name recognition, to stay in the race, and he now appears to be rising again in the polls.

Alongside the big-spending Club for Growth, which has poured millions of dollars into supporting him, Mr Brooks has attracted support from other right-wing heavy hitters like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz, who will be campaigning for him in Alabama today.

If Mr Brooks wins, it will prove again that Mr Trump’s favour does not perfectly track candidates’ performance – though the fact that Mr Brooks has still campaigned with pictures of himself speaking at the White House on 6 January 2021 indicates that catering to the Trump base is still very much his method.

The primary vote is tomorrow. Read more about the race below.

Andrew Naughtie23 May 2022 12:36


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