Update Makes Few Google Speaker Unworkable

Update Makes Few Google Speaker Unworkable

Typically, round the clock updates for the regional Google Home speakers and displays are handy to the users. These often firmware updates get installed automatically and, none seems to notice either. Nonetheless, the latest one is making a hassle to the owners and consequently made it to the headlines in bricking a few smart speakers – the Google Home and the Home Mini. Several reports have been made on forums like Google and Reddit and social media – twitter. Noticeably, the fortunate users of the displays – the Google Nest Hub and the Goggle Nest Hub Max as well as the speaker – the Home Max were not doomed.

This glitch is signaled by making the devices idle and unworkable, and all the four white LEDs’ are continuously lit. Briefly unplugging the power cable, doing a soft reboot or, switching to factory reset has resolved a few ones. But the significant chunk could not fix it and left with unresponsive devices. While few trying to reset the device, encountered with green LEDs’ lighting up and no action from the speaker.

Google has acknowledged the bricking complication and made a statement. The statement says that already a team is working on the solution and trying to find the root problem as not all Home and Home Mini was doomed. Still, there isn’t a bug resolving firmware update is out yet. But, it is a severe headache for the distressed users of the Google Home and the Home Mini. The users under the warranty period will have to replace their bricked devices. But the primary concern was the warranty lapsed users of the Home and Home Mini. Do they have to forcibly pay for a replacement where the victims were not responsible for knocking out their devices? Thankfully, Google will be replacing all the unresponsive and inoperable hardware, irrespective of the warranty period. Google will continue to do so until they come up with a brave solution of bricking the Home and Home Mini speakers.

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