Two New Pokemon Games Launched On Facebook

A few months ago, the Pokemon Go game made everyone addicted to it because millions of people across the globe installed and played this game. Now Pokemon company is bringing its franchise to Facebook because recently, two games were launched on Facebook. The company made available Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle both games for Facebook users.

They can play this game based on where they are or where they live because these games let them play the game in real-time against their friends or across the leadership board. Pokemon Tower battle seems quite interesting because, in this, players are given tasks to stack pokemons with other Pokemon to build the tallest tower. Facebook released a press release about this news in which it mentioned players could compete with their friends in real-time with these fantastic Pokemon games. Building a pokemon tower might seem but not hugely depends upon how users stack with different Pokemon and build the tallest tower.

Pokemon Medallion battle is a digital card battle game that is right now made available for the Asia-pacific region only. In this, trainers will collect, fight, and evolve their Pokemon in medallion form and will have to face various challenges to win Gym Badges and complete Pokedex. The company said users who play this game could also collect new Pokemon, which they are going to release every month and add to their decks. Pokemon Go has already been famous, and the company made a tremendous amount of money plus gathered popularity. Now Facebook has tied up with it, make sure these two games are available on the company’s Instant games platform. Users are already got hyped because these two games are made available, and it will be interesting to see whether this collaboration will become successful or not.

Melissa Harrington