Twitter Wants A Spin Off With These Two From Sima Aunty's 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2, Watch Viral Video

Sima Taparia’s Indian Matchmaking returned for season 2 earlier this month. The show brought back some cringey memories and some hilarious memes. The show returned with new couples and some old faces from season one, however, fans have taken one couple interaction in particular. The video from the show has gone viral on social media and led to some funny reactions.

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While many binge-watched the show on its release, a video from the new season is still circulating on social media. Out of many new and bizarre interactions, one grabbed everyone’s eyeballs the most. The clip shows the girl trying to dodge straightforward questions with more questions or weird answers. When she’s asked if she eats meat, the bride answers with a question, “What do you define as meat?”

Reacting to the video, one Twitter user said, “The only worthy ‘Indian Matchmaking’ spinoff would be a show that is just these two responding to each others’ questions with the vaguest possible answers. No plot, only reaction shots.” Another tweet said, “Wow this is painful to watch. But everyone should watch it to know what I’ve suffered.”

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