Twinkle Khanna Talks About Paying For Kids’ Education Herself; Reveals Never Had ‘Joint Account’ With Akshay Kumar

Former Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna recently opened up about being self-reliant when it comes to providing for her family and herself financially. She also revealed that she paid for her kids-Aarav and Nitara’s education all by herself. In addition, the 47-year-old also funded her own start-up.

During a conversation with fellow actor Neha Dhupia on her show Tweak India, veteran actor Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna revealed that she received her first paycheck at the age of 17 which was enough to buy her some ‘laddoos’. ”But I do remember my first significant paycheque and I put it down to buy a car, a silver Opel. I don’t even know if they make that car anymore,” the actor revealed.

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She also revealed that she is using the fund saved for Nitara’s college to attend a Masters course. Twinkle Khanna added, ”I’ve always made sure that I’m the one paying for their education. I want them to say that my mother paid for my education, and not just fed me aloo parathas.”

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Moreover, she added that she funded her start-up, Tweak, all by herself by saying, ”I had to invest in myself. I needed start-up money and there was no one else investing in me at that point.” Twinkle Khanna also revealed that she never had a joint account with her husband Akshay Kumar since the day they got married.

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