Try Noom’s wellness plan for a healthy approach to weight loss this year

Another year is right around the corner, and that means wellness season is upon us. We all know the feeling when January comes around, when hope for the year ahead rises. We make all sorts of resolutions to be healthier and take better care of ourselves – and after the year we’ve just had, it feels all the more important to make some positive changes in our lives.

But the arrival of January can also tempt us into piling a lot of pressure on ourselves, particularly when we are surrounded by “New Year, new you!” messages. A flurry of new fad diets, social media trends and gym membership discounts can often make us feel like we have to take part in the rush to become our best selves right away.

A 2020 Comres poll found that 71 per cent of New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss and fitness – but on average, 80 per cent of them fail by the second week of February. While prioritising our health is always a good idea, it’s all too easy to give up on unrealistic goals because, well, they were unrealistic to start with!

However, disappointment doesn’t have to be inevitable. There is a better way to reach our health goals without burning out, and it all starts with changing the way we think about our wellness. Allow us introduce you to Noom.

What is Noom?

Noom has a program named Noom Weight that is unique in its approach to weight loss and eschews the very idea of fad diets, which are often risky and unsustainable in the long term. Built using the gold standard in psychology and behavior change modalities, Noom aims to equip and empower people to achieve their goals by changing the way we think and behave.

But it doesn’t stop there. Noom gives you the knowledge and support you need for lasting changes.

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How does Noom work?

Noom helps you foster positive habits that last well beyond the walls of the six-month programme by changing the way you think.

Joining Noom gives you access to the platform’s dynamic health curriculum, which breaks down complex ideas around health and wellness into easily-digestible information that can be incorporated into your daily life. It also aims to improve your relationship with food by teaching you how to make healthy eating second nature.

Noom users (also known as Noomers) will also get one-to-one health coaching from coaches who will guide you on the ups and downs of your wellness journey. It also offers group coaches who bring Noomers together in a community, so you can support and cheer one another on.

The programme takes into consideration your busy schedules, and it hardly takes up any time at all. In fact, dedicating just 10 minutes a day to Noom is enough to improve your health and wellness.

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How is Noom different from other weight-loss plans?

Most weight-loss plans or fad diets focus solely on telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat, or eating less and exercising more. However, Noom’s unique approach focuses intensely on psychology, as well as taking a holistic view of your health when it comes to tackling weight.

Weight is an issue that is often fraught with feelings of guilt and shame. By taking a compassionate view towards wellbeing and weight loss, Noom understands how deep the connection between mind and body is, and how it can be harnessed to create real, lasting change.

Millions of Noomers walk away from the platform with the tools and confidence to address the many facets of life, not just their weight. This includes relationships, work, stress, and everything in between. By using a powerful combination of psychology, technology and human coaching, Noom empowers people to take control of their wellness journey.

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What goals can Noom help you achieve, and how?

When you use Noom, you can set diverse goals depending on your own wellness journey and what you want to achieve. It takes your Big Picture vision and turns them into SMART goals, which are smaller, more easily-attainable milestones that you can celebrate along the way.

The ultimate goal doesn’t have to be weight loss, either. Some people set goals such as completing a five-kilometre run, adding more vegetables and colourful produce into their meals, developing a healthy sleep routine, and many more; all of which contribute to an overall more positive, healthy lifestyle.

With the support of a one-to-one coach, peer support group and meal logging tools, Noom provides users with a collaborative space where you can identify areas for improvement, try out new and different strategies and work towards establishing habits that are most effective for your lifestyle. The platform is there to help you identify what, and how, you can change, and build new habits that will last throughout your life.

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What happens when you subscribe to Noom?

Noom subscribers will get exclusive access to a whole host of features in the app, including:

  • Daily lessons designed to fit into your busy schedule that will give you practical knowledge that you can apply right away to help you gain confidence.
  • One-to-one coaching to motivate and support you on your journey. You will get to engage with your coach as often as you want to set goals, ask questions about Noom’s approach, and share your struggles and successes.
  • Peer support groups facilitated by a specially-trained Noom coach, which will help foster a sense of community, support and accountability.
  • Tracking tools for food, exercise, and more to help you identify patterns in your health journey and empower you to reach your goals at a pace that works for you.

What type of food does Noom encourage eating?

Unlike most traditional dieting tactics, Noom doesn’t believe any food should be off limits. Studies have shown that restricting what you eat can lead to harmful psychological consequences, such as disordered eating and poor relationships with food. These end up causing much more long-term harm than good, and any resulting weight loss does not last. Instead, Noom focuses on cultivating standing change through behaviour adjustments and creating a plan based on each individual’s unique health journey. Using the platform’s tracking tools for food, exercise, and more, Noom encourages you to log your food each day to better understand how you’re fuelling your body and where you can make changes or improvements.

As you do this, you will notice that Noom has a colour-coding system that divides food into three categories: green, yellow and red. However, it is crucial to remember that no foods are off-limits no matter which category they are in.

Instead, the end goal is to learn how to eat healthy, sustainably. The categories are broken down as such:

  • Green: Foods with the least amount of calories per ounce (low calorie density), such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Yellow: Foods with more calories per ounce, such as beans, low-fat cheeses, yogurt, and many low-fat types of meat.
  • Red: Foods that are the most calorie-dense, such as red meat, juice, nuts, chocolate and pizza

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How much does a Noom subscription cost?

Every Noom journey is individual and unique, and the platform offers a range of plans depending on your specific needs and personal health goals. You can visit Noom’s pricing page here for more information.

Noom is offering a 14-day trial of the service for just £1 which you can sign up to here. Terms and Conditions Apply*.

*Offer only available to UK new customers only. 14 Day trial will auto renew to a paid membership if not cancelled before the end of the 14 day trial period. For full terms and conditions please visit Promoter: Noom

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