Trump And Defenders Are Blamed For Creating The Reality They Desire

Trump And Defenders Are Blamed For Creating The Reality They Desire

President Trump has allegedly blamed the Republicans as human scums who won’t pledge in his favor during the impeachment fight. He further tweeted about the Republican doubters as being on a war with the Constitution. In spite of all allegations, neither Trump nor the White House has presented any strong counterargument over the matter of the US top diplomat in Ukraine.

Trump is blamed for having made $400 million aid contingent on the Ukrainian President investing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and suspected interference by Ukraine in the 2016 US elections. Bill Taylor, the acting US ambassador to Ukraine, showed his concern towards dual channels by which Trump was implementing the foreign policy towards Kyiv (top US diplomat in Ukraine). The channels were State Department and Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of President. The alarming situation was when, in July, all aids to Ukraine were put on hold. Mr. Taylor was later informed that Ukraine had not opened over the two investigations, and thus President Trump would not release the aid or agree to meet the Ukrainian President in the White House. He further gathered information from the US ambassador to EU, Gordon Sondland, that Mr.Trump wanted the Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukrainian President elected in April) to open the two investigation cases. It was viewed that all the aid was dependent on the two investigations. Trump had wanted that the Ukrainian President makes a public statement declaring the start of the two investigations.

The outlines are clear that President had asked the Ukranian President to investigate the family of Vice President Joe Biden (a robust political rival for the 2020 presidential elections) over corruption charges. The impeachment inquiry is aimed at probing as the President had misused the power of his office and position to create pressure on a foreign leader to investigate matters that will prove beneficial to him during the 2020 elections.

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