Toys R Us Is Here With A Larger Than Life Comeback

Toys R Us Is Here With A Larger Than Life Comeback

Toys R Us comeback seems to be disproportionately influential. Two new ‘immersive toy wonderlands’ stated as the Toys R Us Adventure is opened this week just before the big holiday shopping season by the iconic brand. It also unveiled a new exciting website along with a partnership with its former rival target. The new stores will be opening their shutters in November. On Thursday, the first Toys R Us Adventure was opened in Chicago. On Saturday in Atlanta, the other site will be opening. Richard Barry, a former executive of Toy R Us and the present CEO of Tru Kids Brand, said in an interview with the USA TODAY that it is going to be a “unique” experience together with Candytopia.

John Goodman, the CEO of Candytopia, said that toys from Melissa and Doug, Spin Master’s Paw Patrol brand, and Schleich along with the return of company mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe are featured in the site. Goodman also said that “Toys R Us Adventure is a magical place and a journey for parents and kids to have fun together. We are in the business of making people happy.” Goodman also said that, after running for a limited time in Chicago and Atlanta, the show would head to other cities in 2020.

Galleria Mall in Houston and the Garden City Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey, are chosen for the opening of the first new stores. Barry said that the former employees of Toys R Us could apply for jobs first at the new stores. Barry stated that – These stores are fundamentally different from the Toys R Us stores that you’ll remember from the past; they are smaller, very immersive, and experimental as well. In addition to that, he said – this is a dream come true as we are able to take these toys, play experiences, and bring them to life that we have never been able to do in the past.

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