These are the ‘human feelings’ you might get when you take TikTok’s latest viral quiz

If you spend any time on TikTok at all, you will likely have seen a new “human feelings” quiz going viral on the video sharing app.

The quiz, which comes from a Russian website called Uquiz, has taken social media by storm as millions of users share their results on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

The hashtag #humanfeeling has more than 11.4 million views on TikTok at the time of writing and its popularity does not appear to be waning.

The quiz is originally written in Russian, so players who do not read the language will have to translate the page in order to answer the questions.

After you answer 11 questions, the quiz will assign you to a “human feeling” and explain what that means.

Here are just some of the results you might get if you take the “What kind of human feeling are you?” quiz.

Sincere love

“You… wow. Really, wow. Definitely very strong and wonderful people. Your loved ones are very lucky with you, and you too, you know, huge smart guys. Probably once something terrible happened in your life and you broke, gathering yourself piece by piece. But I’m glad everything is fine now.”


“Not far from humility but you still try to fight. And I’m proud of you. It hurts and very often you want to quit everything. You have lost interest in life, you don’t want it to end, but also ot keep it going. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Everything will surely work out.”

“You are tired but not just the kind of tired that you need sleep, you are tired with others, yourself and the world in general. You just want a break, but allow yourself some self care time and spend some time with those who make you happy, I promise it will be better and remember you are an amazing person – stop putting yourself down.”

“You are a person that often feels unease, such as worry or fear. You often feel overwhelmed and are inability [sic] to concentrate or feel panic. People might say you are overreacting or too noisy. You have trouble with sleeping, eating or social interaction. You are scared to never be loved or archiving your dreams. You are a negative emotion.”

‘Non-reciprocal’ love

“Broken heart, poor health, probably dyed hair, hot shower baths. Your combo, did I guess? Rescuer syndrome or a mask of detrangation [sic] and cold, but in fact it just hurts you. You were next to a person you shouldn’t have been with, or maybe now. Please remember that only you should be in the first place.”

“You feel bad but you have accepted it. You tolerate a lot of things no matter how much they harm you, you are very tired, and you don’t know what to do. Most likely constantly suppress emotions, so much that you no longer understand how you feel. You will definitely cope with it, I believe in everything.”

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