There is a Proposed Plan to Raise Minimum Vaping Age to 21

There is a Proposed Plan to Raise Minimum Vaping Age to 21

The Trump Administration is finally planning to raise the minimum age to buy vaping products to 21. The decision has been taken after the outburst of vaping-related lung illness, which is continuing to spread across the country. In Nevada alone, there have been several cases confirmed with more than 2000 sickened and 30 dead across the country. The entire Southern Nevada health district is highly supportive of the movement.

The initiative has been taken, keeping in mind; the breakthrough researchers have come up with. According to them, during vaping, Vitamin E acetate is heated up into the lungs, which in turn transforms into an oily liquid into the lungs. During this test, samples were taken from 29 patients with vaping related injuries. This discovery of Vitamin E acetate into the lungs creates first-ever evidence against vaping. Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has even suggested that further studies are needed to be conducted to identify other potential causes of serious illness.

Studies have even shown that further in vaping products, Vitamin E acetate is used as a cutting agent who has a high quantity of THC, the substance that is found in marijuana to get people high. This same THC was detected in 23 patients out of the 29, while nicotine was detected in 16 of them. So, in a nutshell, the so-called safe vaping has started to show their colors. With such results coming round the corner, this is one of the best decisions that the government is about to take in a while. Aging restriction or not, vaping is being compared to be the same harmful as that of smoking. In the span of a few days, ‘Vaping Kills’ might even be a new slogan.

Maria Waddy

I fell into writing about healthcare shortly after graduation, where I realized that I didn't want to work in a laboratory for the rest of my life! My main areas of interest are the nerve impulses between parts of the body, brain and behavior, nerve cells and fibres as well as what influences the decisions we make about our health and how we can change it over time. I studied Biopsychology at Vassar College and got my Ph.D. in Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at CUNY's Graduate Center in New York City.