The Bombay Journey: Sonu Sood Reveals Jackie Chan Cooked Meal For Him At Midnight In 'Banian And Shorts'

Sonu Sood was the latest guest on The Bombay Journey and just as the episode began, the actor was swarmed by people trying to get his help. Sood went on to explain how he began his philanthropic mission to send migrants home during the pandemic. Sonu also spoke about his friendship with his Kung Fu Yoga co-star Jackie Chan and revealed that the actor was really grounded and also shared a funny incident.

Last time on The Bombay Journey, Mallika Sherawat had shared that Jackie Chan was really helpful and helped her open doors in Bollywood. Sonu Sood was asked about the same and the actor revealed that Jackie was a really grounded person. Sonu further shared that Chan always had a fruit bowl with him on the sets and went around feeding everyone.

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Sonu said, “He is a very grounded person, whenever he came to the sets he had a fruit platter in his hands, he will go around feeding it the spot boy, the actors, the camera man everyone. He will also sit on the floor and eat food. One me and my friend were staying with Jackie, we were feeling hungry and he suddenly said let me cook something for you. At night 12-12:30 he was wearing banian and shorts and cooked meal for us. My friend couldn’t believe that Jackie Chan cooked food for us. Also there was some food left on my plate, Jackie took that and finished my plate as well.” Watch the full episode of The Bombay Journey ft. Sonu Sood here.

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