'The Bombay Journey': Sonali Bendre Talks About Losing Hair During Cancer Treatment 'It's Not About The Looks'

Sonali Bendre was the latest guest on The Bombay Journey with Siddharth Aalambayan. The actress opened up about her childhood and how she has lived all over India, due to her father’s work. Bendre also spoke about her cancer diagnosis and spoke about how she felt when she lost her hair and revealed how looks aren’t that important. Sonali further shared her list of favourite street foods and also revealed why she gave up vada-pav, even though it was her go-to.

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Sonali Bendre opened up about losing her hair during cancer and said that even though she knew that looks aren’t that important, she couldn’t help but think about it. She further revealed how her parent’s upbringing helped her cope with the loss of her hair. Bendre said, “ In the beginning, it was “how will I look”? the look has been such a big part of my career and my profession and everything about me so it’s been huge and suddenly to kind of not have that was different. All your looks can be gone just like that and for me it was hair for others it can be a scar.”

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She further said, “My parents are middle class Maharashtrian and since I was a child it was always like ‘stop looking in the mirror,’ I would get a whack on my head if I stared for too long, we were never allowed to stand in front of the mirror for too long or else we would get a smack on the head. So for me, it was always like it’s not about the looks it’s about what is on the inside, it was just drilled into me.”

Watch the entire episode of The Bombay Journey ft. Sonali Bendre to know more about the actress’s favourite street food, her husband Goldie Behl’s friendship with Abhishek Bachchan and more.

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