Tesla Cybertruck All Set For Launch Later This Month in LA

Tesla Cybertruck All Set For Launch Later This Month in LA

The buzz regarding the much-awaited Tesla truck has reached a high. Putting an end to all speculations and rumors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Cyber truck is going to be unveiled soon. The company teased the concept truck back in March. The CEO announced his company would launch the much-awaited Cyber Trucks on Nov 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in LA. Earlier on many occasions, he said excellent things about the vehicle that was in production for a very long time. The date is coinciding with the auto show at LA. However, in the past, Tesla chose not to take part in the yearly event and opted for its events.

The Cybertruck’s debut is scheduled to take place at the company’s design studio in LA. The truck design details remain unclear, but it is likely to be made with a lot of titanium. The upcoming truck is most likely to be powered by a powerful twin motor setup –sitting under the hood. The towing capacity is pegged at a staggering 300,000 pounds. The truck may be a six-seater, and it may have a starting price of approx. $50,000- as per the updates. It will have a range of 500 miles on average. However, these specs are not yet confirmed officially, and so it is likely the final production version will get the different specs.

The much-touted Tesla cyber truck was meant to be launched earlier in 2019. However, it got delayed owing to several factors. The late November launch will make it easy for Tesla to get proper media attention, and considering it is taking place near the LA Auto show, coverage will be aplenty. Earlier, the rumors of Tesla launching a truck did not materialize, and the buzz is getting stronger with time. It all started in 2013 to be precise. This time the formal launch seems likely given the fact rivals like Volvo have joined the electric truck bandwagon.

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