Taapsee Pannu Gets Into A Tiff With Journalist; Says ‘Homework Karo Question Poochne Se Pehle’

Taapsee Pannu recently exchanged some heated words with a journalist during an award function and the video has gone viral on the internet. The journalist was heard asking the actor about her recent film Dobaaraa and the ‘negative campaign’ surrounding it. Pannu was also seen arguing with the paparazzi earlier this month during an event and refused to pose for pictures.

In the clip that has now gone viral, a reporter was heard asking the actress, about the alleged ‘negative campaign’ against her recent release Dobaaraa. Taapsee asked, “Kis film ke against nahi chalaya gaya. Aap mere baat ka jawab dijiye, main aapke sawal ka jawab de dunga. Kaunsi film ke saath nahi chalaya gaya?”

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The reporter countered and further stated that even the critics ran a negative campaign against Dobaaraa, Taapsee replied and told the reporter to do some homework before asking her questions. She said, “Ek baar thoda sa homework kar lena question pooch lene se pehle. Phir yeh log bolte hai actors ko tameez nahi hai, chillao mat. The reporter mistakenly called Pannu, sir, to which she replied,” sir toh main hoon nahi, pehle gender theek kijiye.”

Last month, Pannu got in heated argument with paps after they complained about her tardiness that made them wait for two hours. ”Why are you yelling at me? I am just doing what I’ve been told,” she said, ”Please talk respectfully. I am talking in a respectful manner so you do the same.”

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