Sue Gray report – latest: Partygate photos will show Boris Johnson ‘obviously lied,’ says Cummings

Metropolitan Police conclude Partygate inquiry with 126 people fined

A Downing Street official instigated the controversial meeting between Partygate author Sue Gray and Boris Johnson, No10 has admitted.

At the weekend, Downing Street sources suggested that the senior civil servant had asked to see the prime minister to discuss the timing of the Partygate report, prompting Mr Johnson’s “allies” to accuse accused Ms Gray of playing politics.

But Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson said today that the idea of the meeting was first raised by a No10 official who suggested it could be useful to Ms Gray’s team. Ms Gray followed up the suggestion and they met in early May.

Mr Johnson and his top team are braced for the publication of the report, which will reportedly contain photographs of some of the events held during Covid regulations.

The prime minister is among dozens of Downing Street figures who have been warned they will be named in the report.

Top civil servant Simon Case could reportedly be among the hardest-hit by the document despite not being fined by police.


US delegation warns British government unilaterally removing Northern Ireland Protocol ‘will not work’

A delegation of politicians from the United States has warned the British government unilaterally removing the Northern Ireland Protocol “will not work”.

Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee urged Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to engage in face-to-face negotiations with Brussels to resolve the outstanding issues.

It comes as the bipartisan US congressional delegation is due to meet Irish premier Micheal Martin on Monday in Dublin.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald will also meet the group.

Mr Kildee met with Ms Truss over the weekend.

“It’s important, and we stress this, that the (British Government) negotiate and that they not take unilateral action,” he told RTE Morning Ireland.

“I think that was the very first point that was pressed by our delegation, most particularly Richie Neal.

“The only way we can come to agreement, the only way we protect the incredible progress that’s represented with the Good Friday Agreement, is face-to-face negotiation.

“It is disappointing to see unilateral action being considered, we stressed that that was not the approach that we recommend, but again, difficult to determine their motivation.

“We don’t believe that is the proper path. We think unilateral solutions will not work, face-to-face negotiation to work out some of these technical questions can be achieved and that’s what we currently recommend.”

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 14:54

Everything we know about Boris Johnson’s alleged Downing Street lockdown parties

My colleague Joe Sommerlad has put together this explainer on everything we know about Boris Johnson’s alleged Downing Street lockdown parties following the conclusion of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation, which saw 126 fines handed out.

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 14:34

Partygate photos will show Boris Johnson ‘obviously lied to Commons,’ claims Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings has claimed photoraphs released alongside Sue Gray’s report into the Partygate scandal will show Boris Johnson “obviously lied to the Commons”.

Mr Cummings, the prime minister’s former chief aide, who resigned from Number 10 in 2020, said he expected the images to be published wihin the next 24 to 48 hours.

He wrote in his latest blog: “One of the consequences is that I expect photos of the PM will emerge very quickly, within the next 24-48 hours.

“Any reasonable person looking at some of these photos will only be able to conclude that the PM obviously lied to the Commons, and possibly to the cops, and there is no reasonable story for how others were fined for event X but not him.”

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 14:14

Johnson urges people to ‘hold your horses’ ahead of Sue Gray report publication

Boris Johnson has insisted Sue Gray’s report on the partygate row will be independent despite questions over a controversial meeting between the Prime Minister and the senior official.

The Prime Minister would not be drawn on the meeting but said he would say more on the subject of lockdown-busting parties in No 10 and Whitehall when Ms Gray’s report is published – something which is expected within days.

Read the full story:

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 13:55

Boris Johnson meets Ukrainian children as he praises country’s resilience

Boris Johnson chatted to two Ukrainian schoolchildren after writing to the war-torn nation’s youngsters to praise them for their “strong and dignified” response to Russia’s invasion.

The Prime Minister sat next to seven-year-olds Bohdan and Liza, who have left Ukraine and found refuge in south-east London, during a science class at their primary school.

In his open letter, the Prime Minister commended the children of Ukraine for holding their heads high in the “toughest of times” and reassuring them they are not alone.

The Prime Minister said he was “very sad” to see youngsters absent from the streets and parks of Kyiv when he visited the Ukrainian capital last month, adding: “I cannot imagine how difficult this year must have been for you.”

But he said the children must bear two things in mind, that they should be “immensely proud” and they have “millions” of friends around the world.

Mr Johnson sat next to Bohdan and Liza during his visit to St Mary Cray Primary Academy.

<p>Boris Johnson meets Ukrainian refugees Bohdan, 7, and Liza, 7,</p>

Boris Johnson meets Ukrainian refugees Bohdan, 7, and Liza, 7,

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 13:40

Minutes of Boris Johnson’s meeting with Sue Gray will not be released, says No 10

There are minutes of Boris Johnson’s meeting with Sue Gray but they will not be released, No 10 said.

Asked whether notes were taken, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: “I believe it was minuted in the usual way.”

Pressed on whether the information would be made public, he replied: “No, it was a private meeting. We wouldn’t publish details of a private meeting.”

Downing Street also said it would not be publishing a “cast list” of who joined the meeting from both sides.

The response came when the official was asked whether Mr Johnson’s chief-of-staff, Steve Barclay, attended.

Chiara Giordano23 May 2022 13:24

Cost of living: Your questions answered on inflation, energy bills and food prices

Living standards are expected to fall this year at their fastest pace for decades as prices rise and wages fail to keep up.

People on the lowest incomes are being hit hardest by the cost-of-living crisis because essential goods like gas, electricity and food are seeing the biggest increases.

Economists’ forecasts seem to get bleaker with alarming frequency. Ben Chapman will be here from 1pm today to answer your questions on what it all means.

To take part, register, then post your questions in the comments in the article below:

Joe Middleton23 May 2022 12:56

UK Health Security Agency monitoring monkeypox ‘extremely carefully’, say No10

Downing Street has said the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is monitoring monkeypox “extremely carefully”.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said: “We have the UK Health Security Agency who are monitoring this extremely carefully.

“The facts we know is that monkeypox is not usually spread easily between people, and the risk to others remains low.

“A notable portion of early cases detected have been in gay and bisexual men, so the UKHSA is urging this community in particular to be alert.

“It’s true to say that most people recover within a few weeks.”

Asked if the prime minister has spoken to chief medical officer Professor Sir Chris Whitty over the matter, the spokesman said: “I don’t believe he has.

“He’s receiving regular updates on it and the Health Secretary is leading for the Cabinet.”

For the latest on monkeypox, follow our live blog below:

Joe Middleton23 May 2022 12:49

Boris Johnson should take responsibility for any No 10 lawbreaking, says Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer has said Boris Johnson should take responsibility for any law-breaking in No 10 ahead of the Sue Gray report being published.

Asked if he has any fears over public officials “carrying the can” for the Prime Minister, Sir Keir told journalists: “The culture is set at the top, the can should be carried by the Prime Minister.

“He has responsibility. I doubt he will, because he doesn’t take responsibility for anything he’s done in his life.

“But the culture in Downing Street is set from the top, as it is with any organisation, and that culture has led to industrial-scale law-breaking.”

Joe Middleton23 May 2022 12:35

Sue Gray Partygate meeting with Boris Johnson instigated by Downing Street official, No 10 admits

A controversial meeting between Boris Johnson and Partygate report author Sue Gray was instigated by a Downing Street official, No 10 has admitted.

The secret meeting sparked a furious row over the weekend, as Downing Street sources insisted that the senior civil servant requested to see the prime minister to discuss the timing of publication, amid claims that close Johnson allies are accusing her of “playing politics” with the report.

Andrew Woodcock has the latest.

Joe Middleton23 May 2022 12:17

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