Starship Prototype Finally Lands Successfully After Four Failed Attempts

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has a reason to cheer. In a landmark achievement, the Starship prototype has successfully managed. to land. The result was achieved in the fifth attempt. SpaceX failed to land the Starship during the four attempts. According to SpaceX’s claim, Starship is a fully reusable rocket. It is still under the development phase. It is a super heavy‑lift launch vehicle. The prototype successfully landed at the site of its launch. The landing marks a significant step towards developing a system that will take humans to Moon, deep into space, and Mars. Musk wants to develop a fully reusable system that will cut the cost of developing space technologies and launching crewed missions.

The previous attempts made by SpaceX to land prototypes failed to make safe landings. All the prototypes exploded as they attempted to land. While a few exploded shortly after touching down, a few exploded just before the landing. Just after the fifth attempt delivered an expected result, Musk took to Twitter to expressed his joy. He tweeted that the land was nominal. His tweet came seven minutes after the landing. The prototype was named SN15. SpaceX engineers decided to change the design of SN15 after four failures. Musk said that the system had hundreds of design improvements. SpaceX is testing flights to help engineers iron out issues that could arise when Starship takes maiden flight with humans.

SN15 was launched from Boca Chica Village in Texas on May 5 at 6:24 PM. It soared for nearly 6 miles in the sky. The system tested in-flight maneuvers during the flight. The three Raptor engines were shut when it reached peak altitude. The shutting down of engines triggered a horizontal free-fall back. When the system reached the landing site, the engines reignited. The helped the system to execute a controlled maneuver for a successful landing. The rocket made a soft touchdown. SpaceX claims that Starship can take 100 tons of cargo. Therefore, the company is developing prototypes to find the right design. Musk has openly expressed his wish to build a city on Mars and therefore, he is developing an ambitious spacecraft that will transport humans to Earth’s neighbour.

Melissa Harrington