SS Rajamouli Says ‘An Oscar For RRR’ Will Not Change How He Makes Movies

SS Rajamouli’s period drama film, RRR, took the entire world by storm and is now the top contender at the Oscars. RRR became a hit not only in Indian but also amongst the western audience and also drew praises from several renowned celebrities and filmmakers like James Gunn, Russo Brothers and many more. Rajamouli is currently in the United States to promote the movie for the Oscar race. During one of the events, the filmmakers said that even if RRR did or did not win an Oscar, his way of making films will not change.

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As per IndianExpress, during a Q&A session after the screening of the film, at the IFC Center, Rajamouli that winning an Oscar award would be great, but it will not change the way how he narrates a story.

He said “Whether RRR wins an Oscar or not, my plan for the next film is not going to change. Oscar will be a real boost for morale for the (film’s) unit and the country itself, but that’s not going to change the way I work. I constantly need to upgrade myself as a filmmaker. I have to update my tools of storytelling. That goes on the side. What I want to say and how I want to is not going to change.”

Meanwhile, the popular international magazine, Variety, has predicted that RRR could get nominations at the 2023 Academy Awards in three categories- Best International Feature, Best Original Song (Dosti) and Best Actor for Ram Charan. Jr NTR also got a mention in the Oscars prediction list.

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