Space Satellite Crash Stuns Michigan Homemaker, Goes Viral On Facebook

Space Satellite Crash Stuns Michigan Homemaker, Goes Viral On Facebook

Not every day, anyone is greeted with the spectacle of a space satellite crash in the backyard or garden. When such unforeseen occurrences take place, the witnesses get baffled and amazed, for sure. This is what happened to one woman in rural Michigan. Nancy Welke, a resident of Merrill, was quite surprised to find remains of a Samsung pseudo space satellite at her house’s front yard. Samsung later clarified the incident, which made her bewildered.

Nancy Welke heard a loud crash in the morning on Saturday, and she promptly came outside the home to figure out what was taking place. To her amazement, she found the space gear which was still humming, and lights were flashing. The satellite wreckage was stuck in leaves on a tree-inside her property. This prompted her to share the incident on Facebook, and naturally, the post made the readers both curious and amazed. The object with four legs had an aluminum foil exterior, and it was fitted with solar panels. Inside it, there were a couple of big cameras and one Samsung cell phone. It landed with a parachute in her yard. She also video documented the incident and expressed her relief saying no horses were around when it happened.

The South Korean technology giant later clarified the incident, which was thought to be bizarre initially. Samsung Europe said in a statement on the development that the company’s SpaceSelfie balloon was slated for a return to the earth. The statement added that the balloon landed without the hassle, and no injuries were reported. Samsung hogged headlines recently by launching its “SpaceSelfie” marketing gimmick. It was launched in a London event with the assistance of model Cara Delvigne in a star-studded setup. The contraption was picked from Welke’s home, and she was informed it was launched in the sky from a place in Iowa for capturing images. The collector was from a South Dakota based tech company, Raven Industries.

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