'Shark Tank India's Anupam Mittal Says The Startups That He Invested In Have Grown From 3x To 25x

Shark Tank India’s Judge Anupam Mittal recently took to his Instagram and gave an update about the companies that he had invested in on the show. The founder and CEO of Shaadi.com , shared a picture with Rajat Jain, founder of Sunfox Technologies, who has built and developed ‘Spandan,’ a portable ECG device and revealed that the company’s sales had grown up to 5x since the show. Sunfox Technologies had impressed all the seven Sharks with their pitch and all the sharks jointly offered to invest Rs. 1 crore in exchange for 6 per cent equity of the company.

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Taking to his Instagram handle on Sunday, Anupam Mittal wrote that most of the companies that he had invested in during the show have gown from 3x to 25x. Sharing a picture with the founder of Sunfox Technologies, Mittal wrote, “An intense strategy session with @jai_rajat of #Sunfoxx the ECG device maker we funded on @sharktank.india. Since Nov, their sales are up 5X. In fact, many of the companies I have invested in have seen their sales soar from 3X to 25X in a few months. Do I just pick them right, is it the #sharktankindia magic or a bit of both? What do you think?”

Several fans commented on Mittal’s post, one user wrote, “You are magic Anupam, real magic, not Koi Mil Gaya wala Jaadu love u man,” Anupam replied to the user and wrote, “Haha .. thanks.” Another user wrote, “In my opinion, it’s a bit of both ! Shark tank gave them a platform to receive opinions and feedback and then there’s you who very thoughtfully chooses after having so much experience! Hats off and congratulations on yet another successful venture .”


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