Samsung Introduces More Note 10 Features in Its Galaxy S10 Devices

Samsung Introduces More Note 10 Features in Its Galaxy S10 Devices

Samsung is in no mood to allow emerging rivals like OnePlus and Oppo to steal its thunder in the premium smartphone segment. Apart from the heat it is facing from arch-rival Apple in this sector, the South Korean technology giant is finding it hard to cope with the onslaught of Chinese rivals coming up with lower-priced flagship devices. That explains why Samsung has decided to introduce some popular features of its Note 10 phablet into the flagship Galaxy S 10 series. Samsung announced a new software update for the devices like Galaxy S10 5G, S10 plus, S 10 and S 10e. This update will bring more Galaxy Note 10 features in the lineup. These include some Wi-Fi functions and smart multimedia features.

With the influx of new features, the Galaxy 10 users will now be able to locate their favorite photos fast by using searches with keywords. Thanks to this update, they can find new songs, TV shows, and movies more smoothly. The Media & Devices to Quick Panel makes it simpler for the users to tweak the multimedia experience. Another significant feature introduced by this update is Auto Hotspot, and by using it, the devices can be made into Wi-Fi hubs. This enables the Galaxy S10 owners to set up a hotspot with other Samsung devices automatically, provided those users to share the same Samsung account.

There are some personalization based updates included in the new update. The users of Galaxy S 10 devices can now add some personal touches to the videos shot without using the S pen. The AR doodle function is what they will have to use. The Samsung DeX update lets the users make clips shot with the devices into dynamic videos. Of course, for this, the phone has to be connected to a PC or Mac. Samsung, however, has said all the Galaxy S 10 users may not receive the update at the same time. The timing of update rollout will vary from one country to another.

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