Rahul Gandhi Shares A ‘Delightful Chat’ With BTS Fans In Kerala; Watches Video Of The K-Pop Band

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on a five-month-long journey across India called Bharat Jodo Yatra. His recent stop was in Kerala where he met young school girls and interacted with them on various topics. From their life in school to their ambitions, the Congress leader was all ears for the young girls as he chatted with them.

During their conversation, the girls said they would like to work in Korea. Gandhi asked them the reason for it. The girls revealed that they were BTS ARMY. The Congress leader then proceeded to watch a video of the K-pop band to which the girls appeared pleased over his interest in the band. He also asked them why they like Korean music. One of the girls said, ”When you’re feeling down, listening to their music is quite comforting”.

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It was not long before desi BTS fans flooded social media as they were surprised over the unexpected crossover. One fan tweeted, ”Rahul Gandhi meeting #BTS Army is not a crossover I was expecting” On the other hand, fans were also pleased with the young girls for openly expressing their love for BTS. Check out the tweets below.

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