Producer Suneel Darshan Accuses Sunny Deol Of Cheating And Refusing To Return A Film’s Signing Fee

Producer Suneel Darshan has claimed that actor Sunny Deol once refused to return the singing fee for a film. In a recent interview the filmmaker said he had a fallout with Deol after the actor refused to honour his commitment. The two previorusly have worked on several releases in the 90s including Ajay, Looeter and Inteqam.

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In the interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan, the producer said that Sunny Deol cheated him after signing a film. He added the two had been close but once the actor took the fee and later refused to do the film. Sunny even moved to London before filming the end of Ajay so they had release the film without an ending.

He said, “Sunny had forced me into a promise that I would support him for the next phase of his career, to which I contributed my one year, with a promise from him that he would be taking up my next movie, which he was signed and financial obligations had concluded.”

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After Sunny returned from London, Darshan said he hoped to work with Sunny again but things did not work out as the actor claimed the project needed more work. The filmmaker revealed that Janwar which was written for Sunny Deol had to be shot with Akshay Kumar. The film ended up giving Akshay Kumar idenity and set of his career once again after several flops.

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