Primary elections 2022 live: Voters in New York and Illinois head to the polls as Boebert faces challenge

Lauren Boebert jokes Jesus didn’t have enough AR-15s to save his life

Tuesday will see another wave of primary showdowns across the country as US voters turn out to make crucial decisions ahead of November’s general elections.

This week’s challenges include the numerous battles taking place in New York, where redistricting as well as the resignation of Gov Andrew Cuomo have brewed up a particularly interesting election season. Gov Kathy Hochul is running for her first full term should she survive her primary election tomorrow, while Republicans are set to conclude their own multi-candidate gubernatorial primary that is likely to see the defeat of Andrew Giuliani, son of ex-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Illinois will also hold a number of crucial primary contests.

Meanwhile in Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert is set to be the latest far-right Trump acolyte to face her own primary challenge; she’s facing a challenge from Don Coram of the Colorado General Assembly and could potentially be in danger due to the interference of Democrats using the state’s open primary system to back her opponent.

Ms Boebert is also facing a coordinated effort to dig into her past by David Wheeler, the head of the “Fire Boebert” PAC who previously led a drip-drip campaign of damaging revelations that contributed to Madison Cawthorn’s primary defeat in North Carolina.


Americans heading to the voting booths for first time since end of Roe v Wade

Voters in the US are heading to cast their ballots for the first time since the striking down of Roe v Wade, clearing the way for dozens of states to outlaw abortion.

On Tuesday, primaries are being held in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma and Utah and runoffs are being conducted in Mississippi and South Carolina, and Nebraska is holding a special election.

Politico Politics editor Scott Bland said that he’s “looking for the first concrete signs of how the [Supreme Court] decision might affect Democratic primaries and the party as a whole going forward this year. In 2018, we saw a powerful swell of interest in female candidates in Democratic primaries all over the country — do we see evidence of anything like that happening this time? Are there any shifts in turnout that we can reasonably categorize as a response to the Dobbs ruling?”

Gustaf Kilander28 June 2022 16:00

Rudy Giuliani’s son faces his first feedback from voters

Tuesday’s elections will see the first time New York voters get the chance to vote for (or against) a Giuliani in decades.

Known by some as “America’s Mayor” after the 9/11 terrorist attacks struck his city during his mayoral tenure, Rudy Giuliani saw his reputation diminish to a great extent with his performance as lead attorney for Donald Trump’s ill-conceived effort to overturn the 2020 election in the courts. Now, just under two years later, his son Andrew is a candidate in the Republican primary for New York governor. It’s his first foray into politics at any level.

Mr Giuliani (the younger) is not likely to win his primary on Tuesday; Rep Lee Zeldin is the frontrunner for the GOP contest. If he loses, it will likely be because many voters did not want to trust the governor’s mansion in one of the US’s biggest states to a political newcomer.

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John Bowden28 June 2022 15:00

ICYMI: Republican who voted for Jan 6 commission faces crucial test

A Republican congressman who voted to create an independent commission to investigate the January 6 attack is at risk of losing his seat on Tuesday.

Rep Michael Guest of Mississippi is facing a Trump-backed challenger in his state’s runoff. The congressman previously trailed him by a few hundred votes in the state’s primary election earlier this month.

His opponent, Navy veteran Michael Cassidy, has used his vote against him as well as his support for sending military aid to Ukraine, a prospect opposed by the isolationist far-right of the GOP.

John Bowden28 June 2022 14:31

ICYMI: Two super PACs rally to oust Lauren Boebert

Rep Lauren Boebert, one of the House’s most controversial members, is set to face Don Coram in Tuesday’s GOP primary for the 3rd congressional district of Colorado.

She’s favoured to win, but faces a competitive challenger in Don Coram, a member of the state legislature, due in no small part to her own controversial remarks and actions. Two major PACs, the Fire Boebert PAC and the Better Than Boebert PAC, are backing her opponent.

John Bowden28 June 2022 14:00

ICYMI: Here are the states set to vote today

Voters in eight states will head to the polls on Tuesday. Those states are New York, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, Utah, South Carolina and Oklahoma. New York’s primaries tomorrow will include races for statewide seats like the governor and lieutenant governor, while other seats including those in the state legislature and Congress will have their races conclude in August.

John Bowden28 June 2022 13:31

Democrats look for challenger to oust Senate’s lone Black Republican

Democrats are heading to the polls on Tuesday for a runoff election in South Carolina to determine which candidate will face Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the US Senate, in November.

Krystle Matthews and Catherine Bruce will duke it out for the chance to wage an uphill battle against Mr Scott in deep-red South Carolina. He previously won reelection in 2016 with more than 60 per cent of the vote.

John Bowden28 June 2022 12:31

Two US Senate seats up for grabs in Oklahoma

Voters are heading to the polls in deep-red Oklahoma on Tuesday to decide the fate of the state’s two US Senate seats, a rare occurrence that is only happening due to the early retirement of incumbent Sen Jim Inhofe.

His colleague, Sen James Lankford, is facing a candidate in the state’s GOP primary who raising claims of RINOism due to Mr Lankford’s refusal to support Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

Mr Inhofe’s seat, on the other hand, will likely go to one of numerous candidates in a crowded Republican field for the open seat; currently-serving Rep Markwayne Mullin is among the challengers.

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John Bowden28 June 2022 11:31

Poll spells midterm trouble for GOP

A new poll released on Sunday from CBS News indicates a troubling dynamic arising for Republican candidates ahead of November’s midterms.

Following Friday’s ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade, the survey shows independents and Democrats particularly more energised by the issue and eager to vote this fall. And clear majorities of both groups opposed the ruling.

That could be a problem for Republicans trying to win back the House and Senate as more and more GOP-led state legislatures around the country pursue restrictions and outright bans on abortion care services.

Read more from The Independent’s John Bowden:

John Bowden28 June 2022 10:31

Illinois Republicans to pick nominee to face Gov. Pritzker

J.B. Pritzker is running for reelection as the popular Democratic governor of Illinois, home state of former first lady Michelle Obama. He’s emerged as a leader among Democratic state governors around the country, particularly given last year’s resignation of New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

On Tuesday, he’s expected to coast to victory against one primary challenger. For that reason, the millionaire-turned-governor and his Democratic allies have spend upwards of $30m attempting to sink the campaign of a centrist Republican candidate running in Tuesday’s primary in the hopes of seeing him fall to a Trump-backed rival who is seen as less electable in the purple-blue state.

Read more about the dynamics of the race from The Associated Press:

John Bowden28 June 2022 09:15

Mike Lee faces crucial challenge in Utah

Donald Trump’s conservative ally in Utah, Mike Lee, is facing two primary challengers today. The two well-funded candidates, Ally Islom and Becky Edwards, have hit Mr Lee on a number of issues including his support for discredited conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell and her efforts to help Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election.

He also faces lingering bad blood in the Mormon-heavy state after comparing Mr Trump to Captain Moroni from the Book of Mormon at an event. Mr Lee himself is a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

If he loses today, a fairly unlikely prospect, it will send a significant message about Utah’s GOP electorate which in recent years sent impeachment-supporting Mitt Romney to the Senate as Mr Lee’s colleague.

John Bowden28 June 2022 08:15

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