Pfizer CEO Says Pills For Treating COVID19 Might Be Available By The Next Year

The CEO of Pfizer company Albert Bourla has said that the drug-making company is working on a plan to develop an experimental drug that might be able to treat COVID19 and its onset. The company has started a clinical trial of antiviral treatment for COVID19 in March this year. Dr. Mikael Dolsten who is the chief scientific officer and the president of global research development and medical wing of Pfizer has said that health professionals will be able to prescribe this drug to people after observing the first sign of the disease. The officials of the company have claimed that with this treatment, patients will not require hospitalization or critical care. As per the scientists, part of a class of medicines is known as protease inhibitors that are used in the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis C. Dr. Mikael Dolsten has said that the new drug will be able to reduce the production of enzymes that are essential for the virus to replicate in the human cells. The ongoing pandemic has claimed more than 570000 lives in the US so far.

Albert Bourla has said that if clinical trials of this drug are successful and the US food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves it, the drug will be available in the country towards the end of this year. Some experts have said that the drug might be a game-changer. They have said that it will be interesting to see if a pill for COVID19 can be taken at the early stage of the disease that will prevent people from falling severely sick. Health experts have said that coronavirus is going to be present in some other form even after the pandemic ends, in such a case, people need to have such kinds of therapies that can prevent further transmission, the severity of infection, hospitalization, and deaths. The company that has developed the first approved COVID19 vaccine in the US in association with a German company BioNtech is testing its vaccine in children who are in the age range of 6 months old to 11 years. The officials of the company have asked the FDA to extend its vaccine authorization to adolescents who are in the age group of 12 to 15 years as many studies have found it to be effective. The CEO of Pfizer has said that he is sure that the agency will take a positive call on this request.

People who are in the age group of 16 years and above are eligible for vaccine in the US. Still, many people have been missing the second dose of their vaccine regime in the country. As per the report, most people in the US are being vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that around 5 million people have skipped their second jab. Commenting on vaccine hesitancy among people, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has said that people’s decision to avoid vaccine will not only affect their health but it will impact the health of other people as well. He has said that by not getting the vaccine, people are going to put the health of their loved ones, family members, and society at risk.

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