New survey shows that 62 per cent of unvaccinated plan to never get any kind of Covid-19 shot

A new poll from The Economist and YouGov shows that 62 per cent of people who are not vaccinated have no plans to receive a Covid-19 vaccine of any kind.

The survey found that the largest group of unvaccinated people who will not receive a Covid-19 shot were people between the ages of 45 and 64, with 74 per cent of them saying they do not plan on ever receiving a vaccine and four per cent saying they will “definitely” receive one of the shots in the future.

The survey also found that white women with college degrees were more likely than white women without college degrees to say they will not ever receive a vaccine, as 74 per cent of college-educated white women said they do not plan on it compared to 66 per cent of white women with no degree.

The survey, which asked a series of questions, included a subset of 391 people, with 181 male and 210 female respondents, and accounted for race, age, education level and socio-economic status. Responses among the unvaccinated in the survey varied by various demographics.

A large chunk of Hispanic respondents who are unvaccinated also said they have no plans either, as 43 percent said they do not plan on ever receiving a shot, compared to 19 percent who said they might get a shot of one or more of the vaccines and 17 percent said they will definitely get one.

The largest economic group to say they had no plans to receive the shot was respondents who earned between $50,000 and $10,0000 with 63 per cent saying they had no plans. That is compared to 62 per cent of unvaccinated people who earn less than $50,000 and 58 per cent who earn at least $100,000.

The region with the highest amount of unvaccinated who has no plans to receive a shot was suburban areas, with 67 per cent saying they had no intention of getting vaccinated.

Douglas Mateo

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