Netflix’s Affordable Ad Plans Will Not Support Offline Content Download; Reports

The ad-supported tier of Netflix will soon go live worldwide. Several rumours claim that the streaming giant will introduce its ad-supported subscription service sometime in January 2023. According to recent reports, the popular feature of downloading content for offline viewing might not be available on Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier.

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The massive streaming service doesn’t intend to allow users of its ad-supported tier to download content for offline viewing. It appears that customers will not be able to download TV shows and movies to their devices without purchasing a more expensive subscription from Netflix.

According to Bloomberg, a developer named Steve Moser looked into the company’s iPhone code and found that the download feature had been removed from what will likely become Netflix’s most affordable plan. In addition, Moser discovered that while ads are playing, you cannot skip them or use the playback controls.

Netflix said it is still deciding how to launch its lower-priced ad-supported tier and has nothing further to share at this time. As of now, Netflix is still deciding how to introduce its more affordable, ad-supported tier.

But what is already known about Netflix’s ad-supported subscription plan is that they will be working with Microsoft and utilising their services to help deliver the commercials in their video streaming service.

Additionally, they have vowed to lessen the frequent privacy invasions that come with digital ads.

After revealing that it had lost 200,000 subscribers during the first three months of the year due to fiercer competition and rising inflation that has put pressure on household budgets, the management of Netflix decided the time had come for a less expensive option. As a result, Netflix announced it would give up its resistance to ads.

Even though Netflix used to be one of the major players in the OTT market, there are now an increasing number of OTT platforms available globally. A portion of Netflix’s subscriber base has been reduced thanks to these players. Additionally, there are a number of privately owned, competitively priced players in this market in a number of different nations.

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The price at which Netflix will introduce its ad-based tier has not been made public. It’s likely to cost around $5.99 per month, the same as the American streaming service Hulu charges. It will undoubtedly be less expensive in some Asian markets.


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