Mona Singh On Criticism For Playing Aamir Khan's Mom In Laal Singh Chaddha: I Am Playing Laal's Mother

Mona Singh has opened up about the criticism she faced for playing Aamir Khan’s mom in the recent release Laal Singh Chaddha. The film is a Hindi remake of the 1994 classic Hollywood film Forrest Gump led by Tom Hanks. After the film’s trailer release, fans expressed concern over Mona Singh, a 40-year-old actress playing the mother to the 57-year-old Aamir Khan. While the actors and filmmaker reacted to the flak as apt casting for the role, now Mona Singh has revealed her reaction to the backlash.

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Pointing out why Mona’s casting was inappropriate, many fans said that Sally Field who played Tom Hanks’s mother in the original was 48 years old when Tom Hanks at the time of the filming and release was 38-year-old. However, Mona believes as an actor she only filmed for a role, the role of Laal Singh’s mother and not Aamir Khan’s.

She told India Today, “There was the whole thing going on. I didn’t want to talk about it before because I wanted people to see the movie. And I am an actor. I am not playing Aamir Khan’s mother, I am playing Laal’s mother. As Laal ages, I age in the movie.”

Mona further explained that it would be inappropriate if the film was Aamir’s biopic and she had played his mother. She told the portal, “Honestly, it did not once cross my mind that I might be doing the wrong thing. I was so confident and sure that most people would not question the age gap once they watched the film.”

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Laal Singh Chaddha released on August 11 with mixed reviews and many controversies. Apart from Mona Singh and Aamir Khan, the film also stars Kareena Kapoor in a pivotal role The film saw an opening collection of Rs 11.50 crores followed by Rs 7.25 crores on day 2 and Rs 8.75 crore on day 3.

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