Model sparks outrage by revealing she’s forced to wear fat suit for plus-sized campaigns

A plus-sized model has drawn attention to “impossible” beauty standards promoted by clothing brands for plus-sized people, many of which she alleged make her wear fat suits to ensure that the face and neck still look “slim.”

In a video shared on TikTok, a model who goes by the user name @coolquinn, said that she was a plus sized model even though she does not look like one.

The Dailydot reported that the model’s name was Karoline Bjørnelykke.

In the video Ms Bjørnelykke said that since she was not plus sized herself, brands often make her wear fat suits and bigger clothes.

While these brands usually carry size 44 and above, Ms Bjørnelykke says in her video “if you have eyes you can see that I am not that.”

“So how do we fix that?”

She then goes onto show how she is asked to bring fat suit pieces to shoot.

“I have to bring something called padding which is basically a fat suit in pieces,” she says.

She then goes on to show how the fat suit pieces are used to make her body look fat.

“If that isn’t enough you just pin everything in the back.”

Ms Bjørnelykke said that brands often do this to ensure that the model’s face still looks slim.

“It’s because the face and the neck to look really slim and sharp, which doesn’t just create unrealistic standards but impossible ones,” she said.

The video has received over 55,000 likes on TikTok.

“My suggestion is just use real plus-sized women. Because there are so many gorgeous plus sized women out there,” she added in the video.

Users commented on the video saying that Ms Bjørnelykke’s video explains plus sized advertising.

“This explains the midsections that never make sense,” commented one user.

Another user said, “oh the jawlines make sense now.”

In 2014, Refiner29 had reported on the use of padding for plus sized advertising after speaking with several plus sized models and bloggers.

Ms Bjørnelykke did not respond to The DailyDot’s email.

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