#MenToo Trends On Twitter Amid Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Case

#MenToo is a social movement which was started against false sexual harassment allegations in the #MeToo movement. Amid the highly publicised case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, #MenToo is gaining momentum on social media. It all began when Heard accused Depp of domestic violence through the 2018 op-ed piece she wrote for Washington Post, although the case is still on, netizens have seemingly decided to label Amber as the abuser.

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Depp also took the stand earlier this month and claimed that he has never laid a finger on any woman in his life, while Heard claimed that the actor was violent and sexually abused her when he was intoxicated.

Over the course of a few weeks, #johnnydeppvsamberheard was one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter along with #Amberturd. Fans are creating videos using the real court footage and mocking Heard and even making memes. After Heard wrote the op-ed in 2018, Johnny Depp lost two major franchises, The Fantastic Beasts with Warner Bros. and Pirates of the Caribbean with Disney.

In turn, Amber herself hasn’t scored any major role apart from her upcoming movie Aquaman 2. Over the weekend, netizens started trending #MenToo on Twitter to show their support for Depp, whilst also sharing that, even men can be victims of domestic abuse.

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Using #MenToo, one user wrote, “The default setting in our society is that men are the abusers and women are the victims. And for men, it’s guilty until proven innocent. Both sides of the story need to be heard before believing one side over the other and casting judgment.” Take a look at more reactions here.

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