Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Plays Gully Cricket In Rajasthan; Desi Fans Say 'Welcome To India'

Marvel star Jeremy Renner surprised fans as he revealed that he was in India and even shared a picture of himself playing gully cricket in Rajasthan. The Hawkeye actor is currently in India to shoot for his upcoming series Rennervations. Renner has constantly been updating fans about his trip to India and was even spotted clicking photos with fans and eating Indian food.

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Jeremy Renner took to his Instagram handle and shared a picture of himself playing cricket while local kids watched the match from the roofs. Sharing the picture he wrote, “What a blessing of life to discover, learn and be inspired by people and places across this planet.” He also took to his Instagram story and shared that he was enjoying Indian food.

Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with reactions of Jeremy Renner’s trip to India. Take a look at the reactions here.

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This is not the first time that a Marvel star has visited India, earlier, Chris Hemsworth had also visited the country to shoot for his movie Extraction. Several other actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Josh Brolin, Hugh Jackman have also visited India.

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