Martha Stewart shares trick for making Thanksgiving turkey with T-shirt

Martha Stewart, reigning queen of Thanksgiving, has revealed her ultimate hack for the American holiday – and it involves an everyday item of clothing.

Appearing on the Today show, Stewart said a T-shirt is a good alternative to a cheesecloth when it comes to cooking your Thanksgiving Day turkey.

“If you don’t have cheesecloth for my Turkey 101 … go into your husband’s clean T-shirt drawer, and you get a T-shirt … and you soak that in the butter and white wine, and then you drape that over the bird,” the chef explained.

When host Savannah Guthrie asked whether this method was efficient, Stewart replied: “Oh, it works just, almost as well.”

Stewart’s Perfect Roast Turkey 101 recipe calls for the turkey to be covered with a cheesecloth soaked in butter and wine while it’s roasting.

The 80-year-old cook has been busy preparing for the holiday this week, posting to her Instagram that she made a whopping 30 Thanksgiving pies in less than 24 hours.

“It took me about twenty hours to make thirty pies,” Stewart wrote in a caption that accompanied a slideshow of said pies.

“Ten pecan brown butter rum, ten cranberry tarts in almond crusts, and ten five spice powder flavored pumpkin pies in pate brisee crusts.

“Everyone who works on the farm got to choose one of the three pies I was making this year. I hope they like their choices. (I kept one of each for my thanksgiving lunch ). Now onto the stuffings and the turkeys and the sides! What are you making?”

The farm Stewart is referring to is her 153-acre compound in upstate New York.

When asked by Guthrie on Today whether she will be cooking the Thanksgiving meal on the holiday, Stewart replied: “I sure am.”

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