Man upgraded to first class on flight due to being ‘too big for plane’

An exceptionally tall man was forced to change planes after being deemed “too big” to fit the aircraft he was booked onto – although he did get an upgrade on his second flight.

Beau Brown, who is 7ft 1in, had booked a seat in an exit row on a domestic flight from North Carolina to Georgia to ensure extra leg room.

However, on boarding he still found it impossible to fit on the small domestic flight.

The airline, which has not been named, was forced to book Mr Brown onto a different flight later that day – but bumped him up to first class to apologise for the inconvenience.

He posted a video to his TikTok channel, @BigBeauBrown, captioned: “I didn’t fit on my plane so they gave me first class… They said dang this dude got CLASS. First class was still tight.”

The video, which has already had over six million views, shows Brown disembarking and walking back into the airport to connect to the second aircraft.

“I actually was not able to fit on my plane, and now I have to go on a different plane, and apparently they gave me first class because apparently I don’t fit any of the regular seats – we’ll see if they’re telling the truth,” says Brown in the video.

“You might have to duck the whole way until you get there,” cabin crew can be heard advising Mr Brown as he boards the take-two flight.

“Yeah, [on] normal planes I just can’t… stand,” he jokes with them.

However, the domestic flight’s “first class”, though at the front of the plane, did not appear that much more spacious to TikTok users, many of whom commented on its basic appearance.

“Don’t think that’s first class bud,” wrote one, while another joked: “That ain‘t first class, they tricked you bruh”.

“I mean it was the first seat haha and biggest and said first. Who knows,” Mr Brown commented back.

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