Madhuri Dixit Says ’90s Heroes Are Always Looking For Commercial Films That ‘Keep Them Young’

Madhuri Dixit recently opened up about ’90s heroines doing much better roles in comparison to ’90s heroes. Dixit is currently gearing up for the release of her web series Maja Ma and opened up about how actresses her age are doing much more evolved roles. She got candid and said that the 90s actors chose to do commercial films to make them look younger.

Following the trailer launch of Maja Ma, Madhuri Dixit spoke about doing much better roles for OTT compared to her male counterparts and said, “It is always the case na. Women mature more than men (chuckles). You have to go to your higher intelligence and think about it. I cannot blame the heroes also because the kind of commercial films that are made, they need to do song, dance and all. So, they are always looking for something that keeps them young, which is not bad.”

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She further cited the example of her fellow actresses and said, “As a woman, I think what I am doing or Juhi is doing or Raveena is doing or anyone of us is doing is wonderful because we are going forward in life and we are true to ourselves on screen as well.”

Meanwhile, Maja Ma follows the story of Pallavi Patel a quintessential, middle aged, devoted housewife who is equally famous for her dance as she is for her cooking. But what happens when a rumor about her, threatens to disrupt her middle-class family’s ethos, on the eve of her son Tejas’ engagement with a rich, NRI girl? The show will be releasing on Amazon Prime on October 7.

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