Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Up With Camila Morrone After She Turns 25; Twitter Says ‘We All Saw It Coming’

Leonardo DiCaprio has established an impressive resume in Hollywood, conquering almost every genre and leaving his mark there. However, there is another area where the Hollywood superstar is building his legacy. Just as the internet predicted based on the actor’s track record, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly broke up with his girlfriend three months after she turned 25. No shocker there.

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According to a report from PEOPLE magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio and actor-model Camila Morrone parted ways after four years of dating. The duo made their relationship official at the Oscars in February 2020. They had a 22-year-old age gap between them.

As soon as the reports of his break-up surfaced online, the internet had a hard time containing their curiosity as they reacted to the news in a rather comical manner. Many found a trend in the 47-year-old actor’s dating timeline as they noticed how none of his girlfriends is above 25 in age.

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Although Twitter exploded with hilarious memes, many pointed out how ‘creepy’ it was for the actor to approach girls who are half his age, in their early twenties. A few condemned this behaviour and did not seem happy with it. Check out the tweets below.

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