‘KWK’: Suhana Khan Reveals The ‘Bad Habit’ She Got From Her Mother Gauri Khan; ‘But I Am Not As Bad As Her’

The latest episode of Koffee With Karan featuring Maheep Kapoor, Bhavana Pandey and Gauri Khan was filled with insider gossip, parties and living the fabulous life in the Bollywood circle. Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Pandey also made her Koffee debut but there was a twist. She joined the show via an audio note for her mother, Gauri Khan.

While Gauri Khan was busy giving dating advice to her kids, revealing Shah Rukh Khan’s habits and more, Suhana Khan revealed a ‘bad habit’ of her mother. ”My mum has this really bad habit of revealing secrets by accident. Unless you tell her about 500 times that this is the most confidential piece of information, she will accidentally spill it. So we all have to tell her a million times,” Suhana revealed on the show.

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She also backed her claim with a recent incident where she called Gauri to tell her something. ”I was on a phone with her and I was telling her Promise me you’re not going to say anything to anyone. And AbRam was behind her and he was just like, ‘No, she’s going to tell. She tells all my secrets to all her friends.’ I am like he’s 9 and he’s picked up on it,”

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Suhana also stated that it was an ‘annoying’ habit but admitted that she got the same habit from her mother. However, Suhana clarified that she was ‘not as bad as’ her mother.

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