Kriti Sanon’s Mother Miffed With Karan Johar? Reacts To Tweet About Him Trying ‘Hard To Belittle’ Daughter On KWK

Kriti Sanon fans aren’t happy with Karan Johar and his show Koffee With Karan and have claimed that he is purposely trying to belittle her. Last light Sonam Kapoor called Kriti Sanon an underrated actress to which Karan said, “they think they’re big stars in their head.” Then in the latest episode, Karan revealed that he had first offered the lead role in Lust Stories to Kriti Sanon rather than Kiara Advani, but the former turned it down because of her mother. Now Kriti Sanon’s mother has seemingly agreed that Karan was trying to belittle her daughter.

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Karan Johar recently revealed, “Karan Johar revealed, “I had offered it to Kriti Sanon, the role…and she said that her mom didn’t allow her. I thought everybody’s mom would stand in line, not allowing their daughters. It’s actually a very empowering story. It’s about a woman’s right to pleasure. So I met Kiara at Manish Malhotra’s house, and I just saw her, I knew her of course, I knew her as Alia Advani then…so I met her and I asked can you come tomorrow and meet me, it’s for a short film. She came and she heard it and then she was a little zoned out. “

A Twitter user reacted to it and wrote that the filmmaker was trying very hard to belittle Kriti Sanon. The actor’s mother has seemingly agreed that Karan was indeed insulting Kriti as she liked the tweet.

The tweet read, “#KaranJohar is trying so hard 2 belittle #KritiSanon in #KoffeeWithKaranS7 .1st in Sonam’s episode then in Kiara’s episode.He’s intetionally draging her name nd alwys ends the convo showing Kriti in neg manner. Bt guess wht she achieved evrythng without u nd u can’t pull her down”.

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