Kim Woodburn tells journalist she’d ‘shoot’ her for chatting to a checkout worker: ‘I hate it’

Kim Woodburn told a journalist that she would “strangle” and “shoot” her if they chatted to a supermarket checkout worker in a queue in front of her.

The How Clean is Your House presenter appeared on GB News on Wednesday (18 May) night for a debate about supermarkets and whether they should get rid of self-service checkouts.

Woodburn said that she felt the machines helped prevent long queues, while model and journalist Diana Moran said she liked having her bags packed and “absolutely hated” automated checkouts.

“If I’m one of 10 people and we’ve all got baskets and you want to chat away to the cashier, I could strangle you,” Woodburn said. “I know what you mean, bless you, but not in a queue.

“I’d shoot you, I hate it,” she added.

Moran and the fellow panellist Rebecca Jane looked shocked, while Woodburn continued: “You know when you’re coming through and you see it’s a busy day, we’re all mad busy, and this woman, bless her, like yourself, bless you, [is] saying, ‘And how are you, how are you?’

“You feel like saying, ‘Get on with it!’ I wouldn’t like a conversation else we’d never get our food. But you’re a sweet lady, not for me.”

The debate was prompted by a petition calling on Tesco to stop replacing “people with machines” in order to help “carers, older people, disabled people with mobility problems or lifting problems”.

It has received more than 110,000 times at the time of writing.

Douglas Mateo

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