Kim Kardashian debuts similar bob hairstyle as Anna Wintour in rare selfie with Vogue editor: ‘Twins’

Kim Kardashian has successfully convinced Anna Wintour to bend her infamous no-selfies rule to show off the pair’s matching bob hairstyles.

On Tuesday, The Kardashians star, 41, who has been wearing her hair in a platinum shade of blonde since the 2022 Met Gala, debuted a new, shorter hairstyle.

To introduce the look, which features a middle-part and a slightly longer bob-esque cut, Kardashian showed off her latest hairstyle with none other than the Vogue editor-in-chief, who is recognisable for her own signature bob.

In two photos shared to Instagram on Tuesday, which were taken when Kardashian stopped by the Vogue offices in New York City on Tuesday, the Skims founder could be seen posing for selfies with Condé Nast’s global chief content officer, 72, who mirrored Kardashian’s pose with a peace sign of her own in the first picture. The selfie, which sees Wintour wearing her signature black sunglasses, captured the longtime magazine editor with a rare smile on her face, while Kardashian opted for a kissy face.

In the second photo, Kardashian again posed with her signature look, while Wintour opted for a slight smile.

In the caption, Kardashian, who has now featured on the cover of US Vogue three times, wrote: “BOBBSEY TWINS,” a reference to the pair’s similar hairstyles.

The pictures capturing the uncharacteristic moments of Wintour smiling are especially rare considering that the Vogue editor has been outspoken about her dislike of selfies.

In 2014, while participating in Vogue’s YouTube interview 73 Questions, Wintour said: “I’ve never taken a selfie and I don’t plan to start now,” while refusing a request from the interviewer to take a selfie on his phone.

While Wintour has broken her rule to feature in a few rare selfies over the years, many of Kardashian’s followers were impressed by the feat. “I’m so jealous, I want a picture with Anna too,” one person wrote, while another said: “This is an OMG because she doesn’t do selfies but with Kim.”

“This is iconic,” someone else summed up the selfies.

Kardashian’s selfie photoshoot with Wintour comes after the reality star recently shared with fans a behind-the-scenes look into the moment she learned she was offered the opportunity to feature on the cover of the fashion magazine for a third time during an episode of The Kardashians.

During the episode, the famous family revealed that Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner was actually considered for the March 2022 cover first, but that the offer was instead extended to the SKKN by Kim founder.

While Kardashian noted that she felt “so bad” about the situation, she also acknowledged during a confessional that, 15 years ago, she would have been less graceful about the possibility of her sister being on the cover instead of her.

“I probably would’ve murdered Kendall myself to get the cover if it was an option between the two of us,” she admitted. “My desperation back in the day, she would’ve been buried before she got this cover.”

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