‘KGF’ And ‘Pushpa’ Inspired Ganesh Idols Enrages The Internet; Twitter Asks ‘Where Is The Boycott Gang?’

The entire state is immersed in the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi with zeal and festive fervour. One of the favourite rituals of the festival is, undoubtedly, bringing lord Ganesha to the house and adorning the place with flowers and colourful decors. Every year, we see artists bringing out their most creative side to make the lord Ganesha idols and often mixing themes for an interesting design.

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But have they gone too far with the creativity this year? KGF and Pushpa, one of the biggest ventures to come out of the South film industry, have influenced a few artists to experiment this Ganesh Chaturthi. A gun-toting idol and a lord Ganesha idol dressed in white have caused quite a stir on the internet.

The KGF and Pushpa-inspired Ganesha idols have left the internet divided and netizens cannot decide if the design is creative or downright offensive. The latter part comes considering both the characters are violent goons who are greedy for power and money. As the pictures went viral, a section of Twitter questioned the silence of the ‘boycott committee’ and asked where they were. Check out the tweets below.

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