Kangana Ranaut Says ‘Pitted Against Mediocre Work’ While Reacting To Filmfare Award’s Best Actress Nomination

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is known for sharing her views without any filter on social media, has slammed Filmfare for nominating her in the Best Actress category for ‘Thalaivii’. While the actress penned a couple of messages on Instagram stories as she reacted to the nomination, Kangana revealed that she plans to sue the magazine for its ‘unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices’.

Kangana, who was banned on Twitter a few months back, took to Instagram and wrote, “I’ve banned unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices like @filmfare since 2014, but since I have been getting many calls from them for attending their award function this year as they want to give me award for Thalaivii. I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me. It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system to encourage such corrupt practices in any way, that is why I have decided to sue @filmfare.”

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Talking about her past experience with Filmfare Awards and how they asked her to perform in exchange for an award in 2013, Kangana continued, “Back in 2013, Filmfare clearly told me that if I don’t attend their award show or dance on the stage, I won’t get awards and I made clear to them back in 2013 that I will never attend anything which is morally deprived and unethical.”

While Kangana was nominated for the Best Actress Award along with Vidya Balan, Kriti Sanon, Kiara Advani, Parineeti Chopra and Taapsee Pannu, the former ‘Queen’ actress ended up calling her competition ‘mediocre’. “Making desperate blackmailing calls to attend awards after pitted against mediocre work. What is the purpose of all this,” she added.

The episode didn’t end here as Filmfare reacted to Kangana’s accusations by revoking her nomination as they shared an official statement on their website. “This is a patently false accusation being made by Ms Ranaut. Our invitation to her was our effort in bringing together everyone in a collective celebration of what brings this nation together,” the statement read.

While the news spread like wildfire, Kangana thanked Filmfare for withdrawing her name, but she did mention that the action won’t stop her from ‘taking legal action against them’ in another post.

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