Justin Bieber Left Impressed By Enthusiastic Drummer At 'Jagrata'; Shares Video On Instagram

A video of a man appearing overly enthusiastic playing the drums at a Jagrata surfaced on social media. We got much delight watching him jump up and down out of pure joy at the Jagrata. Naturally, we are suckers for such entertaining videos as the clip quickly went viral on the internet.

However, Indians are not the only ones impressed by the man’s contagious enthusiasm. Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber somehow stumbled upon the clip and was so impressed that he shared it on his Instagram story. While sharing it, he tagged fellow musician Devon Taylor asking him to recreate the step in his concert. He wrote, ”@stixxtaylor, I am expecting you to do this next show”.

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The video was shared by Rangile Haryanvi on his Instagram and was reposted by Justin on his Instagram story. As of now, Rangile’s post is filled with comments about netizens being redirected to the post via Justin Beiber’s story. One user commented, ”Ayyooo what’s this @justinbieber watching these days” while another fan wrote, ”@justinbieber can’t wait to see you in new delhi”.

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Justin Bieber is back on the stage after cancelling some of his shows from the Justice World Tour. He was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis.

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