Jurassic Era Massive Sea Monster Fossil Unearthed In Poland

Jurassic Era Massive Sea Monster Fossil Unearthed In Poland

The gigantic prehistoric animals that once roamed on the earth much before the arrival of human civilization, known as dinosaurs, remain shrouded in mystery. However, in recent times, the discovery of fossils of such dinosaurs have offered much insight into their life and habitat to the scientists. Of late, researchers have discovered the fossil of a gigantic sea monster, which is said to be a 150-million-year-old. The remains of pliosaur were found near a village in Poland. The researchers hailing from the coveted Polish Academy of Sciences have described the creature to be a Jurassic era dinosaur. Dr. Daniel Tyborowski, a noted paleontologist, has supported this view.

As per the news, the remains of the massive marine creature are more than 30 feet long. The gigantic Jurassic sea creature was a predator gorging on the aquatic animals, and it weighed several tonnes. It was almost 4.5 times more powerful compared to the T-Rex, and by size, it was bigger than a killer whale. The archeologists are of the view this was a crocodile-like monster of the seas. It had massive toothed jaws and a large head. It lived in the waters of South America and Europe. The predatory animal possibly ate other marine animals like fish, turtles as well as big crocodiles. Interestingly, in the Jurassic era, Poland’s southern region comprised of several tropical islands.

The fossilized remains of pliosaur were unearthed in Krzyzanowice, a rural mountain area in Southern Poland. In the region, the Palaeontologists found many other fossils too. Among them are a cousin of the pliosaur with a long neck and ancient crocodiles. Dr. Tyborowski thinks the accumulation of such Jurassic fossils is significant and rare. The marine reptiles inhabited the area earlier; there was a little-known marine ecosystem in this zone. The pliosaur was possibly the most significant marine predator of its time. However, the researchers will further investigate the site, and they are hopeful of unearthing fossils of even bigger creatures shortly.

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