Johnny Depp Receiving $301 Million Offer From Disney Is 'Made Up'; Rep Comments On Actor's Rumoured Return

The much publicized defamation case between ex-couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp which ended in the latter’s favour continues to trend as Disney reportedly offered a letter of apology along with a $301 million dollar offer to the 59-year-old actor after unceremoniously removing him from their popular franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in 2018. And now with the tables turned in Depp’s favour post the defamation case’s verdict, Disney’s interest in patching up things and bringing the iconic character of Jack Sparrow back seems to be back on the cards. But according to NBC News report, Depp’s representative have denied all these rumoured reports making rounds on the internet. “This is made up,” the rep said while issuing a clarification on the Disney’s multi-million dollar offer.

While Depp’s character Jack Sparrow marked his return on Disneyland’s Castle a few days back, video of it instantly grabbed everyone’s attention as speculations of the actor’s return to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise started making rounds on the internet. Plus, a former Disney executive’s positive comment hinting at Depp return as Jack Sparrow also left fans pretty excited.

Meanwhile, talking about his return to Disney’s popular franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Depp had said that he would pass on the offer if Disney returned with ‘$300 million and a million alpacas’ as nothing can convince him to go back and work with Disney.

While Heard was asked to pay her ex-husband Depp $10.35 million after a long six-week trial, she has reportedly received a multi-million dollar deal to pen a ‘tell-all-book’. Read more about it here.

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