In Pictures: Summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge

Thousands of people have welcomed the longest day of the year under clear skies at Stonehenge.

Some of the prehistoric monument’s giant stones are aligned with the rising sun on the longest and shortest days, and traditionally sees people celebrating the solstices at the site.

The dawn event marked the first time since the pandemic began people have taken part in these ancient ceremonies, thought to date back thousands of years.

The sun begins to rise above the Heel Stone (Andrew Matthews/PA)
People touch one of the stones at the monument (Andrew Matthews/PA)
The sun begins to shine on the longest day (Andrew Matthews/PA)
A yoga session takes place before the rising sun (Andrew Matthews/PA)
A gathering at the 16ft Heel Stone
The summer solstice sun rises behind the Liverpool skyline (Peter Byrne/PA)
Celebrations as the sun rises (Andrew Matthews/PA)
Eco-campaigner and neo-Druid Arthur Uther Pendragon joins people as they gather at the Heel Stone (Andrew Matthews/PA)
People dressed in traditional robes ahead of the ceremony (Andrew Matthews/PA)
Revellers will return for the Winter Solstice in December (Andrew Matthews/PA)

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