‘House Of The Dragon’: First Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel Is Out; Here’s What The Internet Thinks About It

The moment is finally here when the Game Of Thrones fans quench their thirst for blood, gory action and dramatic battles for the throne. The first episode of the HBO show, House Of The Dragon was released on August 22, 2022. Although it was released early in the morning, ardent fans managed to watch the entire episode.

Apart from promising the usual dose of drama, action and sex from Game Of Thrones, the prequel also promised an exciting journey with the dragons along with a new set of intriguing characters vying for power. Ahead of its release, fans were worried if House Of The Dragon could live up to the hype and extravagant impact that Game of Thrones created over the years.

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After watching the first episode, fans took to social media to share their opinions on the pilot episode and also predict how the show will move forward. The reactions ranged from satisfied to critical as fans gave their honest feedback.

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One fan wrote, ”Watching House of the Dragon. Promising so far, love the music and the setting (the Targaryens and dragons were always my fave part of GoT). I hope they keep the quality.” while another wrote, ”OK took me 18 minutes into House of the Dragon to get a scene where I looked away from the scene and thought “wow was that really necessary GoT is back baby”. Check out Twitter’s reaction to the first episode of House Of The Dragon here.

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